Pipewalk – Puzzle Game using Javascript and Canvas

I’ve been tinkering with the fabulous ImpactJS game engine lately, and having an absolute blast. The man behind it, Dominic Szablewski, is a great guy, and he’s done a terrific job with Impact. My latest creation with it is Pipewalk, a puzzle/board game where you attempt to supply green ooze to a board full of pipes by rotating them until they are all connected. Its actually a take on a common linux game called Netwalk. It uses canvas, so it’ll only work if you’re using a browser which supports it. Other than Impact, I also used jQuery/jQuery UI and the excellent Absolution jQuery UI theme by Michael Vanderheeren, as well as Uniform for styling form elements.

Link: http://www.sevrd.com/code/pipewalk/


  1. Happy to see that my theme was useful in your application. Nice one by the way! Try experimenting with the latest version to change the selects in your settings dialog into some nicer elements maybe. Suggestions for the Absolution theme are always welcome at the GitHub page.

  2. Thanks for the kind words! I’ll revisit this project soon and implement the upgraded version you mentioned. I do remember the selects in particular being slightly tricky.

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