Unicodetiles.js Javascript Roguelike Engine

I can still remember when the idea of creating a roguelike in javascript was considered lunacy, but there are many projects which did just that. It’s only logical that the next step would be to force in a unicode character based interface to achieve that sexy roots look! And so, along comes Unicodetiles.js, sporting a unicode font with a respectable 3289 glyphs (courtesy of DejaVu Sans Mono), graceful detection for and usage of WebGL, canvas and DOM for rendering, a viewport and tile engine complete with masking and post processing callbacks, and even input handling routines. Really impressive stuff.

Link: Offical site of Unicodetiles.js


  1. Thanks for the subtle mention :)

    Unicodetiles.js is looking really great so far. I’ve only played around with it a bit, but there’s definitely a few things there I could “research” for sure :)

  2. But of course! There might be something there that can be adapted to Wayward. Perhaps an old school ascii interface? :D

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